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Open Source Religion (OSR) is the practice of mixing religious and non-religious beliefs in an individual, even across multiple religions.

Our community aims to share, learn from, and edit our beliefs to better ourselves. Join us to define and refine the practice of OSR together.


July 2015

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Forever and a Day

Posted by Pinque Noire on June 6, 2015 at 9:02am — 1 Comment

Will we discover alien life form in the cosmos?

Posted by Lou Barreto on March 12, 2015 at 10:30pm — 15 Comments

Learnings & Teachings and Else

Posted by Kernel John on March 7, 2015 at 10:51pm

Confucius says: The Top 10 Quotes by Confucius

Posted by Kernel John on October 29, 2014 at 7:36pm

Do We Live in a Computer Simulation?

Posted by Kernel John on October 16, 2014 at 10:16pm


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Who Is This Alien ? 43 Replies

“WHO IS THIS ALIEN?”This Higher Power In The Universe. “It seems like many individuals in the world  want nothing to do with the Creator of the Universe  as if He is some sort of kill-joy, some sort of Tyrant,  some sort of myth, or some sort of Alien..........This Higher Power  in the Universe.”There is a book about this Supreme intelligent being titled,Who Is This Alien ?   This Higher Power in the Universe...This Supreme Intelligence.The book's about Intelligent Design concepts that are…Read More

Started by Lou Barreto in Chaos. Last reply by Alexander Apr 20.

Will we discover alien life form in the cosmos? 13 Replies

Everyone Is Searching The Wrong Heaven - The Wrong Universe For Alien Life Written By Lou BarretoWill we discover alien life form in the cosmos above or some other universe? Will that alien life form be spiritual? Concerning the article on NBC News, "Mars vs. Europa: The article below is a response to the above question about alien life in our universe and NBC News article concerning Astrobiologist Robert Pappalardo and NASA’s research for Alien life in our heavenly universe-be it Mars, Europa,…Read More

Started by Lou Barreto in Open Source Religion. Last reply by Kernel John Apr 17.

God and Soul in Quantum Theory. / by Socratus / 3 Replies

  God and Soul  in Quantum Theory.  / by  Socratus /=.Can the conception of God and  Soul have Physical Background?My answer is: "Yes, God and Soul  have physical backgroundand can be explained by physical formulas, equations and laws." I will try to prove my position.=.Question: what is God?The Religious answer: God is something Absolute, Infinite, Eternal, Spiritual,the Highest form of Consciousness, Who created everythingin the Universe. The Physical answer ( in my opinion) is more…Read More

Started by israel socratus in Open Source Religion. Last reply by Kernel John Apr 17.

New Interpretation,Understanding/Parables

I would like to submit a New Interpretation/Parable  on "Strive to enter the narrow gate" to Pastors and Christian Believers to review and consider-Below Is The Final Draft Of The Parable. I am currently a member of the Anaheim Vineyard community since 1983. You can share this posting on social media or to other pastors.  “ STRIVE TO ENTER THROUGH THE NARROW GATE ”What is the meaning of the parable? During the time of Jesus’ ministry before His death on the cross, He spoke mainly to the Jews of…Read More

Started by Lou Barreto in Open Source Religion Mar 19.

Consciousness uncovered 11 Replies

When I get a blow to the head I can easy become unconsciousness. Does thus mean consciousness is linked to matter?    Read More

Started by Alexander in Open Source Religion. Last reply by Kernel John Dec 24, 2014.

What is Consciousness

What is consciousness?  Does matter produce consciousness?  In other words, does the physical brain produce consciousness or is consciousness an attribute that is separate from matter?  In this video Brendan Hughes presents a view of holism that considers the emergence of universal consciousness based on new theories of particle behavior, genetic mutation, and social media.Hughes is a lawyer, technology entrepreneur and author of …Read More

Started by Kernel John in Belief Modules Arena Dec 21, 2014.

Question More - Dare to Know 2 Replies

What do you think?Read More

Started by Kernel John in Open Source Religion. Last reply by Kernel John Nov 29, 2014.

Kinds of truth

Imagine your mind is constrained by peer pressure and societal norms like tradition, and other aspects which constrain our mind to think inside a box. If a chemical that has the effect of dissolving the walls of that box or at least making them become transparent, we would be given a different way to view the world.Our development in the arts and sciences would surely be enriched.    …Read More

Tags: reality, consciousness, Hawkins, David, falsehood

Started by Alexander in Open Source Religion Nov 28, 2014.

Is Reality the Best/Shortest Discription of God Possible? 74 Replies

Please answer formally, and concisely with your point clearly and shortly stated.

Started by Sidian M.S. Jones in Archives. Last reply by Alexander Nov 11, 2014.


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Black Holes and the Holographic Universe

Don't let the name fool you: a black hole is anything but empty space. Rather, it is a great amount of matter packed into a very small area - think of a star...
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Forever and a Day

It's been forever and a day since I've posted here. Initially I came to this site due to a class…See More
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Kenichi Kanazawa: Colour Sound

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL & MY OTHER ONE TOO:- CHEERS ! Musician Kenichi Kanazawa creating sand art via vibrat...
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FAITH IN REASON with Richard Dawkins

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FAITH IN REASON with Richard Dawkins

"Richard Dawkins may be extremely intelligent, but he does seem to have a lick of common sense."
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