Could it be that the theory of Evoluton was and is a process of God? Could these theories and thoughts actually be TOUCHING the truth, that God USED Evolution to create the world and it's beings, adapting it's inhabitants to better enable them to survive?

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And of course in relation to RG, it's quite possible that you and I (given that our material has existed for eons) were in on it all and still playing our roles just as planned.
mwahaha my uni thesis was all about this! but others have had the same idea and better expressed - read "the Turning Point" by fritjof capra - this was the main book i stole from for my thesis lol

as briefly as poss, look at evolution from the relatively new perspective of Emergent theory and it makes perfect sense as God's way of doing what He needed to do - namely, to "forget" His/Her divinity and work upward from the merest hint of awareness to the full-fleshed recollection of Him/Herself - which is still to come... it can also be worked from the more orthodox standpoint where we start from absolute nothingness, which given enuff time (a literally unimaginable span thereof, but inevitable) will spontaneously generate order out of chaos - this order from disorder is, or perhaps becomes, Life itself, seeking ever higher levels of complexity that include all the life-forms we know right on up to us, at which i believe something hitherto unseen occurred - the appearance of sentience with us humans which brings a degree of complexity to the gameboard that has never been seen b4 - it changes the whole rule system from the ground up and sets the foundation for developement on a truely exponential scale - assuming we last long enough to realise it..... on my bad days im not at all sure we ever will, but on my good days, its just a matter of time :)
so heres to us - the new Gods - may we become all that we can imagine, and then some!
damn im good at waffling hahaha
I think on my next round of book buying I might look into this. Maybe we could get a recommended reading section or something? I'm starting to get quite the list, and I'm not exactly sure where to start.
There IS a recommended reading section you doof.
On the left, middle of the main page.
Let me know if you want to add anything to it though.
Lol, yep doof is a good word. I'm still getting used to this site.

*edit* Dork and nerd also apply well. I'm not ashamed of it!
You're good times.

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