an effect where those ethically charged things that you do, are returned to you.

the time that this takes is not specific

the events can be similar but not exactly identical

it is not something that is easily spotted but if you knew to look for it you would see it.

it is likely that this is not a Force like Buddhism says as it seems an Intelligence would be behind this in order to accurately give back to people what they give.

even trivial things are returned, the slightest unnoticeable lessening of ethical behavior.

sensory evidence is what it takes to show this, physical characteristics of a bad deed that you recall will repeat themselves when it is returned.




this can be linked to tests and traps as that which is returned to you is used as a test or trap.


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So link it.  Do you not know how?  Let me know.

Here you deposit 6 or 7 aphorisms into a belief - let's call it a Belief Module.

Good stuff.


Kernel John said:

So link it.  Do you not know how?  Let me know.

Here you deposit 6 or 7 aphorisms into a belief - let's call it a Belief Module.

Good stuff.


Every action they say has an opposite and equal reaction. Some say a random act of kindness can result in a domino affect of kind acts. What goes around comes around? Karma? Reap what you sow?

It is very interesting to think about physics and it's laws, and then  to think of how similar Buddhism is with it's aggregates and all, and it then it adds some Psychological or Mental varieties of things in with the five elements.

James Germiquet said:


Every action they say has an opposite and equal reaction. Some say a random act of kindness can result in a domino affect of kind acts. What goes around comes around? Karma? Reap what you sow?

Would it be the opinion of the members that the cause/effect process of Karma is stored in the individual's consciousness or something "other" like the Akashic Record or a Jungian collective unconscious?  

Great question.  Perhaps karma (meaning action) can be thought of as ripples or vibrations that are sent out by the individual to later return or be attracted to the address of origin. 

The Law of Karma (sowing/reaping, reciprocity etc.), is spoken of, in one way or another, by almost all religions.  Linking what we do unto others to consequences of this behavior is a major underpinning (belief module) of civilization. However, if civilization really believed in The Law of Karma, why does it need its own man-made laws and enforcement mechanisms including the death penalty?  How does the Law of Sowing and Reaping, for example, impact on a child born with a cleft palate.  What law or principle of justice caused this?  Does a belief in reincarnation resolve this dilemma?

How does the Akashic Record work?  What fuels it . . . or is it a gross metaphor for something much more subtle?

As far as I can get in my thinking is that when my negative behavior becomes engrained in the form of a bad habit, it is a matter of time before the consequences of my own behavior pattern catches up with me.  My tendencies or behavior traits or predispositions are stored in my-self or my soul in a faculty referred to as the Sanskaras.

Sanskaras” is a Hindi word which best describes what we could call “impressions” or “subconscious or unconscious mind”. They are the record of all the soul’s past experiences and actions. Sanskaras can take the forms of habits, talents, emotional temperaments, personality traits, beliefs, values or instincts. Every action as an experience either creates a sanskar (this is how a habit begins) or reinforces an old one. Whatever impression is etched in the soul remains within the soul, forming a complete archive of all the experiences that the soul has had. When we speak of defects, specialities or virtues we are referring to the sanskaras. The Sanskaras are the basis of the soul’s individuality.

Some people talk about the Law of Attraction as the delivery system for the consequences of your own activity.

The human being is entangled in the cycle of deeds called as karma chakra. The thought in the mind is the seed, which grows and generates action. The action certainly gives its result. Even if you escape the result of your action in this world you cannot escape from it in the upper world. In fact the result in the upper world is very severe due to the compounded interest due to the delay in getting the result. Therefore blessed are those who are punished in this world itself. Jesus says “It is better to punish yourself for your sin in this world itself than to fall into eternal hell”.


The punishment reduces the thought (which caused the deed) to the state of a tiny seedling. However the punishment cannot destroy the thought completely. The thought exists in a very minute called the state of subconsciousness. Even you are not aware of your subconscious thought. When the soul comes from hell to the earth and enters a new human body, the child contains all the qualities or thoughts of previous births, hidden in the subconscious state. Therefore the child is unaware of anything and appears to be the most innocent and sacred. In the child the thoughts are like seeds that have not germinated. Whatever may be the external atmosphere in which the child grows; those strong thoughts will certainly germinate and grow up to be tender plants if not strong trees. But if the external atmosphere is favorable, the strong thoughts become trees, and weak thoughts will become plants. These germinated thoughts will result in corresponding actions. The actions will give their own fruits whether here or there.


The fruits are the punishments, which will again reduce the thoughts to seeds. This is the cycle of the deeds. When it is said that you are enjoying the fruit of the action of your previous birth, it has to be understood in the context of this cycle. The action of your previous birth was punished in hell and has reduced your thought to the form of a seed. In this birth the seed grows and results in its corresponding action. Such action can give you its result in this world if you are captured here itself. The judicial system in this world also functions under the direction of the Lord only. If you have escaped the judicial system in this world, it too is by the will of Lord alone. The Lord might have judged your case and might have given you a chance of transformation. Sometimes you are punished wrongly in a case. Do not abuse the court or God. Perhaps you are punished for some other sin. Do not think that you have escaped a punishment that you deserve just because the court finds you ‘not guilty’. Perhaps God is directing you for a severe punishment in hell, which cannot be provided by the court here. Therefore do not think that you have fooled the court or that the deity of justice is blind with a cloth tied on her eyes. Even this court is functioning according to the will of the Lord because the Lord governs everybody and everything in this world. Therefore do not blame God or do not say that God does not exist if some criminal escapes punishment of human courts.


 Destroying the Seed


Now the main point is how to escape from this cycle? You cannot escape from this cycle by preventing the deed or punishment. If you are tied with a rope, you will not do the deed as long as you are tied. You will do the deed as soon as you are released from the rope. You may escape the result of your deed here by someone’s recommendations, but you cannot escape from it in hell. The only way to stop this cycle is to destroy the thought which is the initiating seed of this cycle. How to destroy it?


The seed is a thought which is a living property (sentient property) or a property of life. If it were an inert property like light or heat, it could be prevented by physical methods. Only knowledge, which is another living property, can destroy this thought. Only a diamond can cut another diamond. The wrong knowledge, which generates this sin, is dangerous. Ignorance, which is zero, is better than wrong knowledge, which is minus (negative). Therefore only righteous knowledge can destroy wrong thoughts. You can differentiate the right knowledge from the wrong knowledge through careful, patient analysis and discrimination. The knowledge of God alone can create devotion in your mind and develop it. Thus by knowledge alone can you get rid of this cycle and attain and please God. Shankara says “Jnanat eva tu kaivalyam”, which means that knowledge alone can give salvation. Jesus preached the same spiritual knowledge throughout His life.

Thanks dattaswami . . .  that pushes my limits of understanding further.

I attend another NING site that discusses similar things.  In answer to the question, "What does Karma mean?", Gopal Chandra Bhowmick, responds earlier today as follows:

Jai Shree Thakur

          Kamma the Deed of action initially in our Pali became the Karma by Samskrit word.

          Karma is the concept of actions. Actions have to be there also the reactions and without both the flow of Creation will stop become stand still. Karma involved everywhere is the TIME.

          Karma has three categories:

  1. Karmas
  2. Bad Karmas or Dush Karmas
  3. Sat Karmas of Good Karmas

Karmas :………….Deed of actions (intentionally) require for the nature’s life to generate reactions which are the cycle of natural actions and reactions.


Dush Karma or Bad Karmas :………….. Those actions are against the nature and their reactions are also revert back same ways.


Sat Karma or Good Karmas :…………….Those Karmas where actions are for the Divine thoughts or works without thinking of its fruits where the reaction are not proportional but devotional and its result or reactions only revealed to the individual is Beyond TIME..


          In the path of Spirituality the Karma misinterpreted many a times by our Samskara (sanskaras) without understanding the truth of it because of religious competition by the Brahmins. There is a word in ancient time “Sramana” or Srama the labor explained other way from our Holy Scriptures and forcefully mastered on us which created Jainism and Buddhism to disagreement the concept of the cycle of birth and death where our Fortune also involved.

          Because of these cloudy understanding we are not able to accept the truth and always curse the God for our suffering. Once we become a truth itself than there won’t be any dark. Only light and light.


          Jai Shree Thakur              

Reference Link - Click Here

I have embraced the concept of karma for a long time, and yet I find that (like so many other things that I have incorporated into my personal philosophy) my thoughts about karma have differentiated a great deal from traditional beliefs about karma.

First, I have entirely abandoned karma as a result of cause and effect, but rather view karma as working through synchronicity.  So rather than a bad deed having a karmic repercussion of punishment.  The bad deed creates a resonance around all of my current actions, resulting in a general sense of dissatisfaction and detachment from the rewards of life.  The same things within me which causes me to desire to do the bad deed also prevent me from enjoying the bliss of life.  The more pervasive my negative actions the deeper I become buried in my own negative karmic resonance.  Changing my karma equals changing my mindset which also requires changing my actions and those perceptions which reinforce my mindset.

I don't have any illusion that this is the nature of traditional karma... I only keep what makes sense to me.  While the idea of karma as poetic justice is a nice one I don't see it as being widely evidenced in day to day interactions.  Although I do see that greedy, self centered and criminal behavior appears to result in miserable, isolated, mistrustful people.

To reinforce my own idea of karma... I once declared karmic bankruptcy... and believe it or not it worked amazingly.  I simply acknowledged to myself and the universe that the blessings I have received and plan to continue to receive are worth far more than I as an individual could ever hope to "pay off".  I thanked the universe for all of the generosity I have received and set an intention to lead a good and purposeful life.  The result has been an infinite credit of blessings.  This does not mean that bad things no long happen to me, but it does mean that I coast along in a warm and loving universe where even the bad things that happen seemed tied to important personal lessons and ultimately result in more blessings in the long run.

And yes it is a kind of Pollyannaish way of looking at the world, but it works and I'm happy so :P 

Hey Joy,

Sounds like you forgave yourself. 

My Christian friends say that when they accepted the forgiveness of Jesus (who evidently died-alive for our sins . . . ), they felt relieved or in a state of release or state of grace.

Are you describing a simlar non-Christian phenomenon?

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