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From "nothing" FAITH
3 Replies

Started this discussion. Last reply by doug Aug 3, 2011.

revisitation of "Christianity as rehash of older religions"
61 Replies

Started this discussion. Last reply by doug Feb 14, 2011.

embryonic stem cell research
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Started this discussion. Last reply by doug Apr 14, 2009.


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doug commented on Kernel John's video

FAITH IN REASON with Richard Dawkins

"Richard Dawkins may be extremely intelligent, but he does seem to have a lick of common sense."
May 13, 2015
doug replied to Roman Kozlowski's discussion Is the triangle superior to the circle?
"And who set it all up to be like that? It did not just happen, as many would have us believe."
Jan 31, 2012
doug commented on Kernel John's video

Deepak Chopra How to Be the Self

"Yes, yes.  But if matter is neither created nor destroyed, then that contradicts entropy, which clearly evinces itself thoughout our world, and it can not be minimalized by calling it an illlusion or trying to explain that there is no entropy…"
Jan 29, 2012
doug replied to Roman Kozlowski's discussion Is the triangle superior to the circle?
"That is my point, and I may be wrong in it, so forgive me if I am.  If indeed he does view things as evolutionary refinement, as you say, then I see that as simply a different bias...with all the trappings that accompany it.  Almost as…"
Jan 29, 2012
doug replied to Roman Kozlowski's discussion Is the triangle superior to the circle?
"Roman, this sounds much like poetry...and is quite nice at that. By Meade's own admission, he he sees it, a gene.  Perhaps since he admits he does lack, then also his viewpoint is limited.  It surprises me to some…"
Jan 28, 2012
doug commented on Kernel John's video

Deepak Chopra How to Be the Self

"Kernel, I pretty well agree with what you say and with what you conclude.  As much as it may seem that I kept searching for things to support  my "existing notions", it was more that that this evinced itself as the underlying…"
Jan 28, 2012
doug left a comment for Michzohan Smith
"If you spend much time looking at conversations and discussions here...many are antithetical to Christianity.  But it is still fun (and worthwhile) to tell people that Jesus really is the only way and the only truth."
Jan 28, 2012
doug commented on Kernel John's video

Deepak Chopra How to Be the Self

"I went on from this first video to a few others...very time consuming...but they show eventually that Deepak is no different than so many other Hindu teachers.   Ho hmmmmm...."
Jan 28, 2012

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flat earth

This is a bit off the normal track, however 2-3 times over the course of the years Christians have been called flat-earth believers on this site.  The Flat Earth Society is an active organization currently led by a 33 yr old man originally from Virginia named Daniel Shenton.  Though Shenton believes in evolution and global warming, he and his hundreds, if not thousands, of followers worldwide also believe that the Earth is a disc that you can fall off of.  



Read More

Posted on September 9, 2011 at 2:43am — 2 Comments

kick against the pricks

Many people are familiar with the verse in Acts 9.4-5, where Jesus asks  Paul, "Why persecutest thou me? is hard for thee to kick against the pricks." 

I was reminded of this piece of scripture while recently reading a book entitled "The Dark Side of Charles Darwin", which is voluminously documented and describes how for much of "his adult life Darwin suffered from various combinations of severe psychological health problems, including severe depression, fits of hysterical…

Read More

Posted on August 18, 2011 at 12:06pm — 18 Comments

survival of the kindest

This is a somewhat interesting twist of the evolutionary scenario of "survival of the fittest".

"Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, are challenging long-held beliefs that human beings are wired to be selfish. In a wide range of studies, social scientists are amassing a growing body of evidence to show we are evolving to become more compassionate and collaborative in our quest to survive and thrive." ...The new science of altruism.

Anwar, Y. (2009,… Read More

Posted on January 18, 2010 at 10:43am — 11 Comments

an excerpt from

"Ancient protein dating back 80 million years to the Cretaceous geologic period has been preserved in bone fragments and soft tissues of a hadrosaur, or duck-billed dinosaur, according to a study in May 1 issue of Science.....

"With this new paper, we hoped to show that our T. rex discovery was not a unique occurrence," notes Asara, who is also an instructor in Pathology at Harvard Medical School. "This is the 2nd dinosaur species we've examined and helps verify that our first… Read More

Posted on June 7, 2009 at 4:56am

evolutionary trees unraveling?

Evolutionary biologists Andrea Feller and S Blair Hedges compared the DNA sequences of 4 mitochondrial genes, and found a sister-group relationship of salamanders and caecilians, with frogs as the outgroup. (1998, Mol. evidence for the early history of living amphibians, Molecular Phulogenetics and Evolution. 9 (3):509-516.) This contradicts the pairing of frogs and salamander, based on their similarly amphibian life cycles. (Benton, MJ, 2005, Vertebrate Paleontology, 104) Olivier Rieppel has… Read More

Posted on May 10, 2009 at 12:58pm — 2 Comments

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At 1:40pm on December 24, 2011, Kernel John said…

Hi doug, recently you wrote, "I know many people seem to think Jesus implied that (Elijah was one of the two witnesses.), but that was merely an analogy to Elijah...otherwise he would be pyhsically dying two times, which is not scriptural."  What was the analogy being compared with? Perhaps, I'm missing something.  I do not know the Bible as you.

At 7:07am on June 9, 2011, Kernel John said…

Thanks for your recent comments doug.  I have no problem hearing your voice and the genuine sincerity contained therein.  Ultimately theology becomes a personal thing.  If our theologies are relatively accurate and each of us relatively well centred,  we should be able to dialogue fruitfully - as we do.  It is this exchange that sets the stage for new thoughts and additional things to come forward in spirit.  I am not interested in adopting your theology any more than you are mine.  It is our exchanges that help me build a deeper more robust view of myself, the world I live in and of course our common point of reference - God the Father of Souls.

When I have a moment I would like to respond more fully to your points - under separate cover.


At 4:17pm on December 31, 2010, Jeff H said…
Good to have you back Doug... Have a Blessed New Year.
At 12:32pm on October 16, 2010, Kernel John said…
Glad you found time to watch the video. As my previous comment mentions the world, especially India, is full of stories. Interestingly some of these stories, such as virgin birth, are not unique to Christians. The great thing, however, is that we get to choose, or not choose, which stories we subscribe to.

There is no need to justify in your comments why you subscribe to the Jesus as Man/God story. I tend to accept all stories as just that and take from them what I can. Is this not what we all do? For me, Jesus was a revolutionary in several different ways. His teachings have pricked the consciousness of believers and non-believers alike. A story I am very fond of is when Jesus entered the Temple and drove out all the people buying and selling animals for sacrifice. In it story Jesus didn't even take time to perform a miracle to right the wrong but rather he overturned the tables. If I didn't know better, I would say the behavior of the buyers and sellers angered Jesus - except that to be angry would be to sin - would it not?

Is it wrong to offer anything but yourself to God? Should anything, by any other name but god, be placed between ones-self and God? Do we need to go through anything to connect with God? Some would claim that various rituals and practices (chanting, fasting, breath control, burning incense, lighting candles, sitting in various postures) are methods, practices or techniques that bring us closer to God. Could jogging bring one closer to God? More so than getting angry - I suppose.
At 9:51pm on October 11, 2010, Kernel John said…
There are unproved stories, legends and myths out there that can prove almost any point of view. I tend to leave them on the periphery, even when they say what I'd like them to say. E. Stanley Jones was a Christian Missionary so was not a neutral observer. India is filled with strange stories.
Try Googling "krishna jesus".

Some stories are based in truth, others are not. Did you ever hear the one about the Aryan invaders of India? Have you ever seen facts that support such propaganda? Nevertheless, I'm always interested in hearing more from you. Maybe you will find your book one day. Might the book you are referring to be - Christ of the India Road (1939) - more or perhaps another called Along the India Road (1925)? I believe the latter can be downloaded from for a small fee.
At 6:54am on March 4, 2010, Kernel John said…
Hi Doug, Thanks for your comment. It amazes me how we can all sit in our own spiritual corners and look across at others in the room and claim they are all wrong and that "my" religion is the only true religion and that if I can persuade you to join "my" religion that this is good and somehow will increase my chances at entering the gates of heaven. David's blurb, criticized "Christian Sects" when, in fact, he is clearly a member of one. . . . Towards the end of the drama, the branches of the tree split into even smaller branches, trigs, sects and 'isms. We must understand the times we live in.
At 12:25pm on February 22, 2010, Kernel John gave doug a gift
Doug, you are too kind.
At 11:18am on October 30, 2009, Jeff H said…
Have a blessed birthday and a excellent year!

At 6:40pm on October 27, 2009, Cheryl Whitestone said…
Thank You
At 2:56pm on September 4, 2009, nashwanalganem said…
Hey my dear friend doug ..

Thanks for reading the links . and for your reply ,

dear doug ,

In Islam, the key to salvation is the belief in and
worship of the One True, Unique and Perfect God and
obedience to His commandments, the same message brought by
all Prophets. Islam preaches that a person must work
righteousness and avoid sin to attain Paradise, and that
if one sins, that they seek repentance for it from their
heart. Through this and the Mercy and Grace of God, they
will enter Paradise. Islam does not deem that all those
before the advent of Muhammad are doomed to Hell, but
rather that each nation was sent a prophet by the same One
God, and it was upon them to follow His commandments.
Those who have not heard of the message are not held
liable to follow Islam, and God will deal with them with
His Perfect Justice on the Day of Judgment. Infants and
children of both Muslims and disbelievers alike are in
enjoyment in Paradise upon death. Due to the infinite
Justice of God:

“No one laden with burdens can bear another’s burden. And
We never punish (people) until We have sent (to them) a
Messenger (to give warning).” (Quran 17:15)
There are many verses in the Qur’an and sayings of the
Prophet -peace be upon him- on the love, mercy and
forgiveness of Allah. In one of the prayers that the
Prophet taught, he said, “O Allah, You are most Forgiving
One, You love to forgive, so forgive me.”(reported by al-
Trimidhi and Ibn Majah). We need Allah’s mercy and
forgiveness all the time. It is wrong to assume at any
time that one will find eternal salvation without the
forgiveness of Allah.

Just as it is important to believe in the mercy and
forgiveness of Allah, it is also necessary to base human
relations on forgiveness. We cannot expect Allah’s
forgiveness unless we also forgive those who do wrong to
us. Forgiving each other, even forgiving one’s enemies is
one of the most important Islamic teaching. In the Qur’an
Allah has described the Believers as “those who avoid
major sins and acts of indecencies and when they are angry
they forgive.” (al-Shura 42:37) Later in the same Surah
Allah says, “The reward of the evil is the evil thereof,
but whosoever forgives and makes amends, his reward is
upon Allah.” (al-Shura 42:40) In another place the Qur’an
says, “If you punish, then punish with the like of that
wherewith you were afflicted. But if you endure patiently,
indeed it is better for the patient. Endure you patiently.
Your patience is not except through the help of Allah (al
-Nahl 16:126-127)
In one Hadith the Prophet -peace be upon him- said that
Allah has commanded him about nine things. One of them he
mentioned was “that I forgive those who do wrong to me.”

My dear friend doug , this is the concept of salavation
and forgivness in islam ,

Nowhere in the four gospels did Jesus explicitly state
that he would die to save mankind from sin. When
approached by a man who asked what he could do to gain
eternal life, Jesus told him to keep the Commandments
(Mat. 19: 16,17); in other words, to obey God's Law. To a
similar question put to him by a lawyer, as recorded in
the gospel of Luke, Jesus told him to love God and his
fellow man (Luke 10:25-28).

The role of Jesus is made clear in the Quran where God
says: "Christ, the son of Mary, was no more than a
Messenger; many were the Messengers that passed away
before him...see how God doth make His Signs clear to
them, yet see in what ways they are deluded away from the
truth" (5:75).
The mission of Jesus was not, therefore, to set up a new
method of achieving salvation, much less the founding of a
new system of belief; as even the Bible points out, Jesus
sought only to take the Jews from their emphasis on ritual
back to that of righteousness (Mat. 6:1-8).

Despite its prominent place in Christianity, the notion of
an "original sin" is not found among the teachings of any
prophet, Jesus included. In the Old Testament, God says:
"...the son shall not bear the iniquity of the father,
neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son"
(Ez.18:20-22). Personal responsibility is also stressed in
the Qur'an where God says: " bearer of burdens can
bear the burden of can have nothing but what
he strives for" (53:38,39).

Since God is Almighty, He doesn't need the charade
concocted by Christians in order to forgive man. In the
Qur'an, God says we are all created in a state of goodness
(30:30); He has not burdened man with any "original sin",
having forgiven Adam and Eve (2:36-38; 7:23,24) as He
forgives us (11:90; 39:53-56).

As we are all personally responsible for our actions
(2:286; 6:164) there is no need for a humanly concocted
savior in Islam; salvation comes from God alone (28:67).

Thus did Islam seek to restore the true meaning to
monotheism, for in the Qur'an God asks: "Who can be better
in religion than one who submits his whole self to God,
does good, and follows the way of Abraham the true in
faith?" (4:125; 41:33).

With his very salvation at stake here, the Christian
should take a closer look at what he believes in and why.
God says in the Qur'an: "O People of the Book! Commit no
excesses in your religion, nor say of God aught but the
truth. Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, was no more than a
Messenger of God...for God is One God; glory be to Him:
far exalted is He above having a son. To him belong all
things in the heavens and on earth. And enough is God as a
Disposer of Affairs." (4:171).

My christian Friend, here is a Message that Allah Almighty
wants you to read:
"Say: 'O People of the Book (i.e., Jews and Christians)!
Come to common terms as between us and you: That we
worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with
Him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, Lords and
patrons other than Allah.' If then they turn back, say
ye: 'Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing
to Allah's Will).' (The Noble Quran, 3:64)"

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RUPERT SHELDRAKE: Science Set Free, Part 1 | EU2013

"John, If you were trying to follow this conversation you could at least  have the decency not…"
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RUPERT SHELDRAKE: Science Set Free, Part 1 | EU2013

"I'm trying to follow this conversation and have no idea where you comment that "God has…"
Feb 11
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RUPERT SHELDRAKE: Science Set Free, Part 1 | EU2013

"Yes Religion holds many people back in a world of myth and superstition that goes back millenia.…"
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RUPERT SHELDRAKE: Science Set Free, Part 1 | EU2013

"I asked, "Where does this Universal love you speak of come from?" You replied, "I…"
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RUPERT SHELDRAKE: Science Set Free, Part 1 | EU2013

"Alexander . . . Let Go and Let God?  OK, but who or what is this God thing you refer to?…"
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RUPERT SHELDRAKE: Science Set Free, Part 1 | EU2013

"In 1976, I was doing community development work for the oldest YMCA in North America and helping to…"
Jan 21
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RUPERT SHELDRAKE: Science Set Free, Part 1 | EU2013

"Not sure I understand what you are trying to communicate.  Could you be more specific?…"
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