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Confucius says: The Top 10 Quotes by Confucius

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Confucius, whose name literally means "Master Kong", lived 551-479 BCE. He was a Chinese thinker and philosopher, whose teachings have deeply influenced not only…

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Do We Live in a Computer Simulation?


From: The Great Courses - Exploring Metaphysics - Lecture 24


Do We Live in a Computer Simulation?…

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Feeling, meaning

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Does religion separate us "and" belief unite us ?

Notice the logic in this statement "and".  The juxtaposition creates controversy.  Replace the "and" with an "or" the logic creates empathy.  Therefore, do ceremonial and ritual acts "written or non-written" preclude our understanding of what we believe? If you believe something.. is it based only on personal experience ?  What are your beliefs ?

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Message Ceenom -- The Final Truth

Wisdom of supreme significance relating science and humanity is getting revealed exposing mysteries behind everything from a tiny particle to a mighty galaxy. It is a most serious, profound phase that discloses with logical evidence the cause-effect basis…

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The Miracle Is Worth The Wait

Yamagata University Craft-Pal 2006 » by simo100)

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Mother Of Pearl

Natural Abalone with conical pearl » by Worldexplorer82)

« Mother Of Pearl» was the last song written in the location where the music for the « The Abode Of The Blessed » EP was composed. Yet, arguably, considering the clear stylistic and thematic distinctions…

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Perfect Magic

Spirit of the Night » by John Atkinson Grimshaw)

« Perfect Magic » is the 9th opus penned for the « 30 Songs for the Sunny Season » project. It was completed on February 6, 2013, and is the first new piece to follow the compositional rush that…

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A Tide Of Positive Change

Wave » by Mark)

The 23rd song written for the « 30 Songs for the Sunny Season » project is entitled « A Tide Of Positive Change » and was completed on March 24th, 2013.

The aim here was to come up with an inspiring and energetic song that…

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To Kill Your Demons

Painting created in Year 12 Painting at Albany Senior High School » by Mosborne01)

« To Kill Your Demons » was completed on March 10, 2013, and is the 20th song written for the henceforth entitled « 30 Songs for the Sunny Season » project.

Basically, the…

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Family » by Jo Christian Oterhals)

At some point during this past winter, I thought it would be interesting to see if I could come up with a bunch of songs that I could play on my own, without the need of a backing band. I had always wanted to try my luck at busking, but because of the demands of Poligraf, I…

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Psychological Levels

This is not my idea, it's an NLP model. I can't recall who or where I got it from, and I couldn't find it on a quick google search, so here it is. If you know where I can link to this online somewhere please let me know.

This is sort of a set of levels, each "meta" to the one below it, that you can find in human psychology. It's a model, not a theory, so apply it or not as useful. I follow the…

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The Abode Of The Blessed

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On Learning And Knowledge - J. Krishnamurti

On Learning And Knowledge

By: J Krishnamurti on Jan 23, 2013

Is not fear also responsible for the accumulation of knowledge? Fear takes the form…

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What is Religion


Lecture Two - What is Religion?

(The Teaching…

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2. Orpheus: First Encounter

 He made his way down the gently sloping aisle and walked along the edge of the stage, absentmindedly running his hand over the smooth wood floor.  He had done this as a boy also.  By the time he reached the steps his hand was covered in a film of dust.  He mounted the steps into the deeper darkness of the stage, wiping his hand on the leg of his jeans as he went.

     Now the nostalgia hit.  There was a time when he wanted nothing more than to be on stage.  He thought performance…

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Mystery of Sacred Marriage

Dumuzi and Geshtinanna seem to be the origional expression of the gnostic concept of soul body duality as male and female.  I've been pushing closer and closer to the theory that Dionysus and Ariadne are another rendition of this same theme.

In the myth of Inanna she is released from the underworld on the condition that another soul goes back to take her place.  It is origionally her loyal servant that the deamons try to take back with them, but Inanna objects and protects her…

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Multilethalead (Octoccata part 8)

Athletics tracks finish line by Petey21)

The eighth and final movement of « Octoccata » is entitled « Multilethalead » and starts on a ostinato-based progression that slowly morphs into a relentless string of offbeat melodies harmonized by an…

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Marimbariation (Octoccata part 7)

"8" on the start of a film reel for the projection » by Ryan Baxter)

« Marimbariation » takes its name from the brief passage featuring the marimba that leads this seventh movement of the « Symphony of Eights. »

Once the…

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Progigoriation (Octoccata part 6)

Nixie eight » by L. Marie)

How on Earth can a musical movement be named « Progigoriation » you ask ? Well, obviously, because it's the prog rock variation of another similar movement entitled «…

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