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Soul Consciousness - The Gateway to God

I met the Brahma Kumaris in September 1985 and was invited to study with them for a week. In early 1986 I attended the 50th Golden Jubilee Celibration of the organization at its headquarters in Mount Abu - Rajasthan. Although the event was for family I did get to observe and even participate in some of the ceremonies. Following the event I attended an International…

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Scientific Dimensions of Spiritual Energy

From time to time our discussions here take on a distinctly scientific flavour. If I am a soul and if a soul is a infinitesimal point of conscient energy that is unique, indivisible and eternal, then perhaps it can be described in somewhat scientific terms. There are few here who dare to bridge the gap between religion and science. Below is a discussion regarding the Scientific Dimensions of Spiritual Energy by …

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Soul - Chapter 1

* Index of Chapters *


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In Praise of Reality

by Robert Fritz

October 2010…

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User's Manual for the Mind - Robert Fritz

It's a long string of events that brought me to Robert Fritz. Brian Smith (Necessary Revolution) suggested I contact Judy Archer-Jones to take the DMA course. This was 1985 and DMA apparently stood for Dimensional Macro-structural Alignment... or something like that. The course was devised by a musician-artist guy - Robert Fritz. I've never met Robert but have read his writings and followed his diminutive career - he now offers training in rural Vermont. …

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Science and the Soul

It is curious that so little scientific attention is given to exploration of Self. It may be that the Self (Human Consciousness) is too closely aligned with metaphysical concepts of Soul to get funded.

In 1970s, Dr Benjamin Libet undertook neurological research that observed when the brain was directly stimulated with degrees of…

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The Evolution of Cow Paths

Does Evolution follow The Path of Least Resistance? In his book, by the same name, Robert Fritz talks about how the evolution of the road system in Boston. He discusses how underlying structure is related to final design.

"People who come to my native Boston often ask me: How did they ever design the layout of roads in that city? There appears to…

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God of the Philosophers

In her book, A History of God, Karen Armstrong discusses the God of the Philosophers as follows:

During the ninth century, the Arabs came into contact with Greek science and philosophy, and the result was a cultural florescence which, in European terms, can be seen as a cross between the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. A team of translators, most of whom were Nestorian Christians, made Greek texts… Read More

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An Ancient Creation Hymn

In The Beginning, before science, religion was man’s attempt to abstractly represent reality.

Here is the Hymn of Creation - Rig Veda X, cxxix - ca. 2000 BC…

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The Belief Business vs The Creating Business -

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What's Wrong With This Picture

Also see Discussion Forum - In Religion 2.0, Will the Role of Women Change - more.

At the recent Congress of World and Traditional Religions, the following people were invited to make presentations on a variety of important topics.…

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Being the Participant/Observer

When I realize life is like a grand experiment into which I both intervene and observe the results of my actions, I can adopt these 2 roles - Participant & Observer. As such, I can participate fully in this thing called life and at the same time become the detached observer. To do this I must know my-self in order to develop a certain degree of mastery of self. But how much of my-self can I really get to know? Here's a simple view that say's we all have blind spots that can be…

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Redefine God: Lesson #1

Interestingly enough the first lesson has nothing to do with god. As a matter of fact, if you look to most religions (except perhaps Buddhism and a few others) they are all about believing in God and developing a relationship with the Divine Soul, Spirit, Creator, Principle or whatever you want to call Her. Elaborate religious institutions, ritualistic practices and tenets (dogmas) have been created - all in an effort to bring us closer to God. Yet, although these institutions claim million or… Read More

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The Mind, Hope Centre and Giving of Thanks

Is there a region of the mind that kindles hope - a Hope Centre of sorts? If so, it is like no other facility we possess for it is here that we first recognized the existence of time. When we hope, we hope for the future. Is this what separates us from the beasts -our ability to hope for a better tomorrow?

When we hope, we project thought to a time which has yet to occur. Without our ability to recognize time, hope could not exist.

Should, for some reason, this thought… Read More

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Belief, Hope and Working Premises

There are some things we cannot know or understand unless we believe in them first.

Our capacity to believe separates us from organisms that only respond to the world around them. Birds know when to fly south through adaption. Humans modify their environment have the faculties of belief and hope. We believe things to be true and if we perceive this belief to produce superior results we keep it. If we keep beliefs that, in reality don't help get us to where we need to be we… Read More

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Star-date 2009.04.23 - Log Entry #1

Hi, am interested in God 2.0. I Stumbled Upon this site and thought I'd check out your community. I think groups like this are about 2 things - Relationships and Results. The result sounds like somehow reinventing the notion of God or at least seeing what the concept looks like when it is penetrated more deeply. In terms of relationships and becoming part of a new community and building a social network of some kind, I'm not sure exactly where to start but I'm willing to try. So I don't know… Read More

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