What God Teaches

 Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University
From: Eternal Drama of Souls, Matter and God
 Raja Yogi B.K. Jagdish Chander; 1983


“Besides the body, there is an entity that has consciousness as its essential nature.  This conscient entity uses its “living” body as an assemblage of instruments of perception and action.  It experiences pleasure and pain also through the medium of the “living” body. This is called “soul”.  The body “lives” and dies but the soul lives forever.  Know yourself as a soul and your living body as a wonderful medium for manifestation.”
   - God Shiva

“In this self-luminous minute point – the Soul – lie the impressions of all the incarnate existence of the self and from this point emerge all thoughts and in this occurs the feeling.  The purification of this self is the key to peace.”
   - God Shiva

“If one is unable to reap the fruits of one’s actions in this life, one reaps them in the next.  Thus, the law of action remains inviolable.  Therefore, never must you indulge into bad action, for action goes with the soul wherever it goes.”
   - God Shiva

“The soul is like a bird and the body is like a nest or a cage.  The body may also be compared to a five-horse carriage or a motor car and the soul to a driver.  The soul can move and act even without the body as a bird can fly out of a nest or a cage, or a man can walk out of his house, or even as a driver can move out of his vehicle.  Remember that the body is like a caravan safari which the soul will leave one day.  Therefore, let there be no attachment with the body.”
   - God Shiva

“A human soul re-incarnates in human species, and a soul of the animal kind reincarnates in the animal species.  Souls of one kind differ from the souls of the other kind in respect of their innate abilities and potentialities – their mind and their Sanskaras or predispositions.  Each one reaps the fruits of its past actions in its own kind.  Being of human kind, a man ought, therefore, to have behaviour and qualities far above the animalistic one.
   - God Shiva

“The body is constituted of elements of Matter.  Consciousness or Thought is neither an attribute of these elements nor of any combination of them.  Consciousness is an attribute or manifestation of a non-physical or a spiritual entity called soul.”
   - God Shiva

Chapter: THE THOUGHT AND THE THINKER – both are Metaphysical
“Thought is the basis of all actions and it is the soul which thinks through the mechanism of the brain.  Good thoughts bring one peace and evil thoughts result in mental tension and peacelessness.  One should, therefore, know the self – the Thinker – and should purify the thoughts so as to be in peace and to spread vibrations of peace.”
   - God Shiva

“Thoughts and perceptions successively and consistently make their appearance and they pass, repass and glide away because soul, the conscient entity is constantly there.  The constant appearance of thoughts in a succession or a chain does not show the Mind is a process but that the Mind or soul constantly processes the stimuli or the sensory messages and perceives and reacts to them.  So consider yourself not a process or a bundle of successive thoughts but as one who observes this process and succession and is a subject and object of these.”
   - God Shiva

Chapter: What is Mind and Where do Thoughts come From?
“You are not a body made of matter nor are your thoughts the electrical impulses of your brain.  You are a super-physical entity, called the Soul, whose thoughts and actions have a moral dimension.”
   - God Shiva

“Link your mind to Me and have full faith in Me and I will shower divine peace and bliss on you”
   - God Shiva  

“You are a shining Point-of-Conscient Light, seated on the throne in the centre of the place between the two eye-brows.”
   - God Shiva

“Seated in the brain, it is the soul which receives information and understands it and perceives objects through the senses.  It is the soul which makes judgement and takes action through the appropriate mechanism of the brain and the body.  So, as a soul, you should judge between right and wrong and do only righteous actions.”
   - God Shiva  

”Meditate lovefully if you aspire for deep bliss and lasting peace and a state of higher consciousness.”
   - God Shiva

“Give up the slumber of ignorance and the somnolence of body-consciousness!  Arise and march towards your goal with zest and zeal for it is now Amrit Vela – the Time to wake-up and drink the nectar of Godly knowledge.”
   - God Shiva

“It is the soul that has the interest, the choice and the conscious will.  It is the soul that evaluates its own thoughts and appreciates and enjoys.  Knowing this, enjoy the bliss, appreciate the virtues, have strong will to root out evil and choose to be a yogi and thus will you be emancipated.”
   - God Shiva  

“It is the soul which remembers through the mechanism of the brain.  If one’s memory is associated with good and happy events, one gradually becomes of good and happy nature and if, on the other hand, one recollects again and again events that are associated with evil or sorrow, one becomes irritable, short tempered and despondent by nature.  One should, therefore, have only a short memory of such events and should better not hold these in one’s brain.”
   - God Shiva 

“The soul, because of a certain kind of amnesia, one cause of which is Māyā, has forgotten its true identity and also the Soul World from where it has come.  That memory is now being re-awakened.  Now, know thy self and have fresh memories of the self. the Supreme and of the sweet Home.”
   - God Shiva 

“It is the soul which has the conscient memory which is also associated with emotions. Every recollection stirs up or brings with it emotions and some experience.  One should, therefore, have constant memory of the Supreme Father and His Divine Acts and of the paradise, for these will give him a state of purity, peace and happiness.”
   - God Shiva  

“A soul gets a particular body in a particular family, in particular socio-economic, natural environment on the basis of its Karma and sanaskars (tendencies)” It can acquire new traits and alter the old tendencies by its efforts.  If you make these efforts based on Godly education, you can elevate yourself into an angelic state.
   - God Shiva

“It is the soul which experiences Peace or Bliss and it is the soul and not the brain which has the emotions of rage or anxiety. The brain and the body are the mere mechanism of exteriorisation or arousal of emotions. You are a soul who can get elevated by sublimation and redirection of your emotions.”
   - God Shiva

"The soul is an eternal and infinitesimal point of conscient and non-material light. It has a subtle aura or an oval-shaped effulgence — an orb — round it. It is like the minutest elliptical 'Light ball" which is subtler than Matter is, even at its subatomic level. When seen in a divine vision, it looks as a star appears from the earth. The soul is immortal. Its energy is inexhaustible. Know yourself as an immortal soul."
   - God Shiva

Chapter: SOULS COME FROM THE SOUL WORLD - far beyond the sun and the stars
"Beyond the sun and the stars, there is a Subtle World of Angels. Beyond that is another world where souls abide in the incorporeal, actionless, thoughtless and calm state. That world is the Soul World. All souls have come on earth from that world. That world is the souls' Sweet Home. The earth is a stage where souls play their part, taking body as a costume."
   - God Shiva

"Soul can fly to any place in an infinitesimally short time. When a soul leaves its body in one country, it can fly to another country in almost no time. Soul has also the wings of Thought. With the wings of Thoughts and Love you can mentally fly to the Soul World in no time. This flight is called the voyage to God on the spaceship of remembrance. Wish you this happy journey! Bon Voyage!"
   - God Shiva

"The soul is an entity, who has existence separate from the body. But, it has committed the error of identifying itself with the body. If however, a person acquires the rational knowledge of the soul and practices soul-consciousness, he can experience withdrawal from the body and also his separate existence."
   - God Shiva

"Man's many diseases are due to his emotional turmoil or his mental disturbance. Emotional upheaval is caused by one of the vices, or evils, called sex-lust, anger, ego, etc. which spoils his relationship with others and create a spurt or surge of disturbance in his mind. So, know that vices are cause of peacelessness and disease. If you stabilize in the self and attain swasthiti, you will have swasthya — health."
   - God Shiva

"Body-consciousness leads to fear, anger, tension and unsteady state of Mind. It leads to vices and peacelessness. Know that you are a soul. Soul-consciousness and peace will enable the soul to be righteous and to have positive thoughts which will give it peace."
   - God Shiva

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Comment by James Germiquet on February 23, 2012 at 8:41am

I think the 2 views are simply that, two ways of viewing things. I recently went through an legal issue and there were two different proposals which were pretty much saying the same thing, but apparantly it was worth a few extra dollars for one person to use their language in settling the dispute, simply two different views and expressions based on the same principles.

I do not think I try to avoid any issues and if you think I am, simply be specific and I will answer the issue. However do NOT try to pin me down to accepting one of a few options you prefer to allow. Quite contrary to your perception of me I do not like other to think for me or tell me what to think, I am quite capable of coming up with alternative options which may or may not be better or worse or more valid or invalid than the ones I can come  up with on my own.

I guess that is the difference between you and me. You seem to look to someone else as a wise spiritual leader for you to follow unquestioningly. I prefer to simply understand what all the wise and unwise people say to me and using my own personal understanding or awareness of truth and righteousness with which god works through to enlighten me to decide on the wisdom or lack thereof of all that people say to me.

Perhaps instead of considering one is throwing pearls before swine, maybe one should be looking for pearls among the swine.

I don't know if my attitude is one of humility or exactly the opposite that i am more than willing to consider the opinion of what some might consider a fool and at the same time not simply accept the opinion of what some might consider to be the greatest minds in the world.

I don't mind anything you might think I lack. Once again whether some consider you a fool or a great mind, I will consider your opinion. Most often in such matters, I am often in agreement on some level, including this idea that I lack genuine authenticity. I only hope that my desire is to gain genuine authenticity, but even question that idea that I genuinely hope to. Here am I lord a sinner, have mercy on me. Lord I believe , help my unbelief. I do not claim to have any virtue within me at all, including genuine authenticity or humility or honesty or loving or kindness. On judgement day I will throw myself at the feet of an all knowing all powerful and all gracious merciful god and pray that he will be forgiving and merciful for all I do that is unrighteous and untrue, in Jesus name I pray.

But believing that only now exists, gives me this feeling that every moment of every day I face that judgement and mercy and hope that just maybe I can be more appreciative of every mercy I have already been granted.

Thank you God. Amen.



Comment by Kernel John on February 23, 2012 at 11:58am

You're doing it again - James! 

Above, I said I found it curious you would say our viewpoints were "opposite".  Then, rather than say - for example, "I see what you mean Kernel" - and leave it at that, you go off on some kind of tangent by relating this discussion to a legal issue you recently witnessed. 

Where I see common ground and the potential for agreement, you persistently demonstrate a tendency/habit to find disagreement.  Only you know if this observation plays out in other areas of your life. If it doesn't, simply disregard what I'm saying. 

Intellectually, one can argue any point and prove it to be correct.  That was one of the first points dattaswami presented to us here. 

Intellectualization is fine but when it predominates our approach to relating to others it may actually indicate difficulty one has relating to others on a more inter-personal or emotional basis. 

Arguing - persistent arguing - does not build balanced and productive relationships.  Do you agree with that James?

Comment by Robert DeFord on February 23, 2012 at 1:43pm

Well said James ,well said indeed

Comment by James Germiquet on February 23, 2012 at 3:07pm


 Am I an enigma to you?

It must be very frustrating for you to deal with people who think in shades of gray or even millions of brilliant colors, instead of in black and white.

Yes when you see common ground I see potential for disagreement. Perhaps it is because your idea of common ground is written in stone and if you and I agree then it must be so. But because I refuse to write anything in stone you feel I am finding disagreement. But because I do see common ground , BUT I also see that ground is not stone but has a consistency of millions of variants. And when I point  out a variant, you accuse me of disagreement.

It is like trying to nail jelly to a wall with me.

Dattaswami is quite right about "arguing" any point to be true. But I do not "argue" any point, I simply choose to see all the points that people argue about in terms of having their own validity depending on ones point of view.

If one person gives me an example of how he see the BK are in his eyes using fraud and deceit by inferring they are a legitimate educational institution, I do not jump up to defend the BK as you would probably have a tendency to do.

You accuse me of believing what is said, when all I do is say, some people do not see the BK as you do. Maybe they have not had the same experiences you have had with the BK, maybe their experience has been less than freindly.

Like with dogs, if I havw been bitten by dogs, I may not consider them as cuddly pets and mans best friend.

And yes I often use current examples such as that legal issue to illustrate concepts in a more concrete way, rather than just intellectualizing.


Comment by Kernel John on February 23, 2012 at 6:30pm

Are you an enigma?

James, there are parts of you that:

  1. I know and you know
  2. You know and I don't know
  3. I know and you don't know
  4. You don't know and I don't know.

This simple interpersonal relationship model is called Johari Window.

But because you refuse to write anything in stone, as you say, I must wonder what you stand for or believe in.  Yes, I have some underlying beliefs that are pretty fundamental to who I am. 

You say, "I (you) simply choose to see all the points that people argue . . .", yet choose to argue almost everything.  If you really do see the points of view of others, then why argue so much.

It seems funny to me that you see yourself as one who writes nothing in stone and claim that what I am dogmatic.  Either you don't have FUNDAMENTAL beliefs or your beliefs are not fundamental and so not written in stone. 

James, some people do not see us as we see ourselves. 

Is it particularly important how I see you?  What is ultimately important is how you see yourself.  I have no particular interest in proving anything to you.  I am interested in sharing with others who are interested.  I am not interested in convincing you of what I have to share. This knowledge is not for everyone.

You seem to be a guy in transition - away from religion.  I have no idea where you are going to.  Good luck.  I hope you recognize what you are looking for - if it hasn't already passed you by.  Your counter-dependent inclinations might suggest your journey is progressing quite well and the cognitive dissonance that regularly manifests may suggest otherwise.

Comment by James Germiquet on February 23, 2012 at 8:41pm


Johans Window sounds quite logical to me.

I know others perceive what I say as "argueing", but I prefer to consider it discussing and clarifying. If I do not see a correlation to my understanding I would hope the other person could continue discussing and clarifying until we come to some mutual understanding which no one has to accept or reject, just  understand why the other feels they way  they do and believes what they do.

My fundamental belief is something like ... we should love truth and righteousness above all else (sometimes not an easy thing to do) and we should love one another, do no harm , I am sure you understand the concept.

The understanding and expression of that the above depends on the individuals life experiences and we need to do our best to look at all discussions from THE OTHER PERSONS POV instead of demanding the other person accept our own POV. More often than not the individual cannot see that they  themselves are not willing to do so.

I do not ask you to "prove" anything to me. I prefer simple clarification of what you believe and why you believe it and how your belief correlates with my own understanding, After  such  clarifications, as usual I do not see much difference in what we believe.

I While I had experiences in terms of religious affiliations, I don't think I ever accepted religion as a path to god. I like some  other "christians" prefer to think in terms of a personal relationship with the spirit of christ , rather than being a member of a religious organization. I therefore do not support any religious denominations and hold them all in the same regard. Much like I perceive Jesus may have regarded the religion  he himself was party to until he came of age to be a rabbi or prophet in His own right and teach his own interpretation of the laws of Moses as opposed to the version being touted by the corrupt scribes, pharisees, and high priests.

Comment by Kernel John on February 23, 2012 at 9:45pm

Yes James, I know you would prefer to call it discussion and clarification but you would be misleading yourself if you did.  To seek clarification, requires use of question marks.  You are demonstrative not inquisitive.

So far in this forum, for example, your replies consist of 32,000 characters in approximately 180 paragraphs.  You are verbose - it seems.  More so than even I.  It looks like you used about 33 Question marks - many of them in sentences like these:

  • God DOES speak to you Kernel but are you ready to listen? (Does this sound like a real question or you making a point?)
  • You did so well with the dictionary last time why not this time?

  • You remind me of a guy a worked with who looked down on 'welfare bums' , one day he came to work and said "my father gave me ten thousand dollars on the weekend" was it his birhday? no . did his dad win a lottery ?
  • How many 'welfare bums' do you think have a father that just come over one day and say here is ten thousand dollars?

  • Unless of course you think that presenting views that conflict with your own is arguing? Are you trying to prove you are right and do you believe I am trying to prove you are wrong?
  • Whether one is indian or chinese or white or black or young or old, if one sees another person hungry or thirsty will they not express love and compassion by feeding them and giving them water as they would want someone to do to them, or will they hoard their food and water and deny the other person perhaps even take their shoes because they will soon not need them, out of fear for their own survival  needs?

  • And so Kernel, why are you here? If you are unable to answer questions dealing with the physical life, why don't you move on?

  • Maybe I should watch the  Matrix  again?

Like I said James, sometimes there is a gulf between the way we see ourselves and the way others see us.  I realize this is not a primary reference group like family members - spouses, brothers, sisters would be.  Maybe I'm telling you things no one has ever told you before and therefore am very wrong in my assessment of how you conduct yourself in other relations.  Anyway James, if my assessment is out in left field, why do you keep coming back publicly for my opinion.  In other words why would you try to claim that you are not argumentative but rather one who clarifies.  James that is bullocks - IMHO.

Comment by Robert DeFord on February 24, 2012 at 2:46am

James you are doing just fine in getting his goat.  Sop far he is incorrigible, unable to remember what he has been told and obviously unenlightened and double dense, .sop  keep it up..I am praying for a breakthrough with this sleeping soul.

Comment by Robert DeFord on February 24, 2012 at 2:47am

Kernal wonders..Maybe I should watch the  Matrix  again?

yes Kernal closely,  and listen to Robert with  an open mind for a change

Comment by Kernel John on February 24, 2012 at 7:55am

Robert, Robert. I do honestly listen to you, but I don't find the coherence in your teachings that I am looking to take sustenance from.  I search for the Forum Discussions you have sponsored and your Personal Blog postings but don't see much.  Other than that, and your persistent estimation that I am asleep and you are the one who is awake, I don't know what your unique message is beyond the virtues of Christian Yoga (whatever that is), the power of ancient crystal skulls, solar gazing,  the spiritual lessons of Gurdjieff, and Jesus of Nazareth as a man-god who walked the earth with a message to save the world.  Robert, I'm an open guy.  Can you point me to any or your previous writings that would help elevate my awareness of what you are bringing to this Open Source Religion site?  2 or 3 links to samples of some of what you are bringing to this table would be appreciated.  Or, would you prefer to provide rambling responses to the comments of others.  Are you here to contribute or obstruct ideas that do not line up with you Christian Gnostic views.


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