So, I was supposed to post on human origins and religion but I had thought. What about all those animal analogies in the Judeo-Christian texts? Is there a basis for the animal comparisons in regards to human circumstances? Lion=leadership, Lamb=pacifist, Dove=peace, Wolf=liar, Snake=evil, Flock=followers. In reality do these animals really display these human values or is there some sentiment towards animal worship? When the Israelites made a golden calf Moses melted it to ashes, then mixed the ashes with water, and made the people drink it but god is cited as being the lion and Jesus the lamb (Lion of Judah, Lamb of god) and both have been represented this way visually in artistic works. Were the people during the time that the Judeo-Christian texts were being written influenced by nature as Native American culture was? Alternatively, is it possible that it is intrinsic to want to find commonality within another species because we share a common ancestry?

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Comment by Jim G on December 4, 2009 at 10:53pm
My answer would be that there was nothing unnatural in those times to use #1, and also #2 humans have used animals in mythology in many if not every culture that has even been. Even the USA has the bald eagle. Since we are animals as well, I suppose we can identify with animals better than plants. But I have compared someone to a redwood tree once.
Comment by Jeff H on December 4, 2009 at 11:52pm
"Since we are animals as well" point of contention. Animals have an advantage... The have instinct, which means they do God's will on autopilot. We have this free will thing. Better rewards, but certainly riskier.
Comment by Roman Kozlowski on December 5, 2009 at 5:57am
Depictions of animals throughout humankind’s religions and folklore history have always represented the virtues and qualities of human attainment and endeavours.

Bull = strength, eagle = farsightedness or insight into the future, serpent = cautiousness, etc.

Each of which have both their positive and negative connotations sought by human application.


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