I am not much of a blogger, but Kernel has requested I put my core beliefs here for referencing.

My core beliefs hang on the two commandments Jesus left his followers.

1. Love the spirit of Truth and Righteousness above all.

2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

I believe we should try to approach these matters through the expression of them in non religious or secular expressions of them that everyone can understand.

Having said that, my own personal revelation of such subjective subjects as truth and righteousness came from being introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ when that time of enlightenment happened to me as an individual.

Another of my core beliefs is the golden rule. I believe the fulfillment of the 2 commandments above is best accomplished by following the concept the golden rule is based on. Have the same respect for the rights of others to have and express their opinions as you would want them to respect your right to your opinion and your right to express them.

Where problems occur is when the expression of one persons opinion of what is right violates  the expression of another persons opinion of what is right. In words we can agree to disagree on what is right, in expressing those opions with our actions that is not always possible. We can often come to accomodate such contradictory opinions through such tolerant practices by communication, co operation , concession , and compromise which is always so much easier when people truly consider the needs of their neighbor when making these decisions. That for example is why Jesus tells us to 'love' our enemies, or respect and consider their opinions because that is where communication, co operation , concession , and compromise will be of the most importance.

Personally while many disagree with me, I find when I have conversed with people of other belief system I have found myself exclaiming, "that is the same thing Jesus taught". It is my  understanding that belief systems have more in common that not. So I suggest that each belief system try and express their core beliefs in secular language. Language that discusses the common human needs of , food, shelter , security, love, esteem , and self actualization.

All these needs are referred to in the bible and I believe the lower needs of SELF survival are referred to as mammon and the higher needs of love and self actualization are referred to as the spirit of GOD.

treating others RIGHT is the will of GOD and sometimes we must sacrifice our lower needs of food shelter and security  to do what is RIGHT.

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