People are often blessed by not knowing what the future holds. If there were a child who would be chronically ill and have a difficult life, should that pregnancy be ended? If the choice is not to abort, the parent needs to carry the burden of months finding a diagnosis and wondering if the child they love will die. The child also has to fight that battle. After a diagnosis is found, you are told there is no cure. Did the parent make a mistake keeping the child? The child is in pain her entire life. Was it the parents' right to choose? The child has fun in school, gets to have some high school experiences she treasures, has a boyfriend or seven that break her heart. She attends college and pursues a dream. All in pain, all after having to face death at a young age. Should this child have lived? Who are we to make the choice for that child?

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Comment by Molly Goodman on November 19, 2009 at 5:31pm
"People are often blessed by not knowing what the future holds."

I could not agree more. One of my posts is like this and I asked the question about whether or not prenatal tests should be allowed. So let's say you find out your baby will have some sort of disease or it your right to choose? I choose not to find out because I don't believe I should have the option It is not my right to "play God". If God thinks I should be raising a mentally or physically challenged child, then so be it. I welcome the challenge.
Comment by Jeff H on November 19, 2009 at 10:22pm
I posted a lot of information on Chandra's blog on the same subject... I don't have time to reproduce it here, but there is a lot more to the abortion game the just "matters of convenience".. I don't have time to repost it now. I'll probably make a separate blog of it for all of your review. Until I can, please look it over.
Comment by Phi 214 Lynn Honegger on November 20, 2009 at 2:11pm
Actually, I know a child who is exactly what I described. He's a wonderful young man and has made a difference in many lives already. God had something in mind when he sent this child here and life would have been poorer for so many if his parents had known what would happen and decided he would be in too much pain to live. I don't want to down play his physical pain and challenges, but I'm grateful both him and his parents have chosen life.
Comment by Jeff H on November 20, 2009 at 2:23pm
Good post... Continuing along a similar train of thought... To abort, or not to abort... That is the question...

1. The mother of a family of 14 is pregnant again. Her husband — the father of all 14 of these children — has a history of alcohol abuse and mental disorders which frequently causes him to abuse his other children. The mother herself is already worn out from trying to care single-handedly for her large family and doesn't feel she can care for another child at this point. On top of all this, two sons in the family also have a history of alcohol abuse, one of the children is in a mental institution, and none of the other children have steady, dependable jobs with which to support mom and dad. Abortion or Not?

2. A poor black family in the South is expecting a fifth child. This family, because of its skin color, already has difficulty receiving help and are already at the bare minimum poverty level. The outlook for their present children does not look bright. Abortion or Not?

Okay, everybody finished? Here are the results:

1. If you answered Abortion for A, congradulations! You just aborted Ludwig Van Beethoven!

2. If you answered Abortion for B, again, congradulations! You just aborted Martin Luther King, Jr.
Comment by Maegan Wood on November 22, 2009 at 10:26pm
I think that through technology we have found the way to detect the most "undesireable" conditions. You pose good questions, but in response I would pose:
If that child feels love, is life in vain?
If that child feels joy, is that life in vain?
My answer would be no. Although life might be great pain, it too can bring great joy. For that reason, no life is in vain and no life should be prematurly ended.
Comment by Jeff H on November 22, 2009 at 10:45pm
I'm an older guy... My folks are all passed away. My Mom's resting place is in the same place as my Brother-in law's. He died young... under a Harley.

In between is the section for children. There are quite a few babies that died the same day they were born, some lasted several days or weeks. Some of the headstones have pinwheels, or toys. Almost all express the parents love somehow. I walk through it going between my Mom and Michael. I always moves me. I have a bunch of kids. I know how I would feel if I had lost one at birth. We almost lost my youngest to sepsis.

Stephen King wrote in one of his books that "We all owe a death". Say true.

Given the chance, we all live the fullness of our days, we just don't get the count ahead of time.
Comment by Phi 214 Lynn Honegger on November 23, 2009 at 12:13pm
I was fascinated by Beethoven and King, Jr's background. Thank you.

It sounds as if my point is understood. I was wondering what the feedback would be.


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