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They say that in life the only certain is death.

In one of my articles about near-death experiences, as he had Ric Elias, the last lesson he learnt in his plane crash I found it difficult to understand in a first moment. It was the point about that it seems that life is preparing us for that fearful moment of death.

I have kept thinking a little on his dissertation. In the article about Aron Ralston, who amputated his own arm to survive, I concluded that the destiny exists, but backwards, we know it looking at our past. Uniting these two ideas I have come to:

I felt like dead twice. Is that my preparation for the inevitable end? I really do not know, but I know that from then, I have learnt a lot about my past.

The way

In the picture, the white triangle represents our life. The left side represents our appearance, when we areborn. The right vertex is our death. We appear at a random point and finished in a particular one.

Our journey through the triangle would be like going back. We know our destination, but a posteriori, so we travel back. The small triangles represent the facts we know that have led us to where we are.

Why traveled back? What is out of the small triangles is the unknown, and I defend that it is theuniversal fear, what we do not know. Life would be incompatible if we moved through it facing the inevitable, something that we cannot know.

Small triangles fade back, because our memory is limited. Nobody remembers its birth, is it? The solid white triangle is represented on purpose. It represents the moment of death, it would be when we understand all the circumstances that have brought us so far. That would give a point to those who say that in their near-death experiences they saw their entire lives.

We stroll through the white triangle, according to our decisions, but inevitably back forward. As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome.

And after? And before?

I really do not know, so the dark passage, so the trip back. In some ways we do prepare for that moment, if not, we could not live.

Heaven, hell, reincarnation… All human ideas about the hereafter are like this one I think here, they are allegories known to create images of what we really do not know. They give us courage to live with the certain of the unknown. I do not believe anyone without any chemical assistance or hypnotic suggestion is capable of ensuring 100% what this life and death are; neither do I at the moment :) . That’s why they ask you for faith, blind believing, simply because they say so.

I know many people died in unexpected circumstances. Were they prepared? I really do not know, but as Einstein said, time is relative. I hope that in the fateful moment they came to be.

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