The World Genealogical Tree (Kalpa Tree)

The story of of creation, sustenance and destruction, as told by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, is according to the image of The World Genealogical Tree - often referred to as the Kalpa Tree.  The Image is a divine one revealed through Dada Lakhraj (Brahma Baba) by the direct revelation of God.  The following are materials pulled together by a student of the university Brahma Kumar Khem Jokhoo - who is not in any way a spokeperson for the university.  On the other hand, these materials are generally clear enough for Westerners to acknowledge, yet in a form that also reveals the intricacy and poetry with which the cycle of time is expressed.  This is but one piece of a larger knowledge base of which only one piece only shows a partial view.  People from Western religious make grounds may which to note not only differences with their cosmologies but similarities as well. 

Let's start with the Image of the The World Genealogical Tree.

5.02 The World Genealogical Tree

The human world is like an inverted tree.  Its seed and roots are up above and the branches and leaves spread downwards.  It reveals the history of the whole Human Civilisation of World Cycle from beginning to end.  It is called the Kalpa Tree, the World Tree or the Genealogical Tree of Mankind as seen in the illustration.  


The World Genealogical Tree

The Seed of the Tree is the Creator God Shiva Himself whose abode is in the highest region called Paramdham or  Soul World.  The insentient seed of a botanical tree contains the entire knowledge and potential of that tree. God Shiva who is the sentient seed, has the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the Human Genealogical Tree. The roots of the Tree are called 'Brahmins', the mouth born progenies of Prajapita Brahma. 

Through Brahma, God Shiva established Heaven or Paradise consisting of the Golden and Silver Ages. The first-half of the "tree-trunk" represents Heaven, the Sun Dynasty of Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan who ruled in the Golden Age and the Moon Dynasty of Shri Sita and Shri Ram who ruled in the Silver Age. This period has the uniqueness of having one government, one kingdom, one religion and one language throughout the world The Deity rulers are called 'Chakravarti' which means that their sovereignty is world-wide.  In this era, the universal religion is the Ancient Deity Religion also called the "Adi Sanatan Devi Devta Dharma" which is the first and the oldest religion of the world.  There is no other religion at that time and there is complete purity, peace and prosperity. 

Everything is in its purest or "satoguni" state.  It is a period rich in virtues without even a trace of the vices of anger, greed, ego, lust and attachment. Non-violence prevails even amongst animals.  Hence the saying for the golden age is that "the lion and the cow drink water from the same trough".  India of those days is called Bharat and nicknamed the "Golden Sparrow". 


The Origin of different Religions 

By the end of the silver age, the souls of the Sun and Moon Dynasties, some having undergone a maximum of at  least twenty rebirths in a period of 2500 years, forgot their real "self" and become body-conscious from soul-conscious. Because of body consciousness, they thought that it was the body that controlled the soul.

With the advent of the copper age, owing to the decline of the Ancient Deity religion, a number of other religions started appearing which are shown as the branches of the Kalpa Tree. 

From time to time, pure elevated souls come down from  Soul World to establish different religions.  The principal prophet souls that descended and started their own religion on Earth were Abraham, the founder of Islam and the Judaic religions, Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, Christ, the  founder of Christianity, Mohammed, the founder of the Muslim religion and Shankaracharya, the founder of Sanyas.  


Hinduism has no Founder of its Own.  

The Hindu Religion has no founder of its own as it is a continuation of the deity religion, but with some ideological  differences. The deity religion was established by God Shiva using Brahma as the principal instrument to impart the  knowledge and teachings. When the deities lose their purity and divine virtues, they are no longer deities and are renamed Hindus.  A large number of people originally belonging to the original deity religion, get dispersed in the new religions of the world, some of which have been mentioned above. 

After the prophet souls, the other souls of their respective clans followed down from Soul world to join their leader and their new religion.  This is how religions emerged and grew.  

Most of the major religious scriptures were written in the copper age.  The four principal the scriptures are Shrimad  Bhagwad Gita of Hinduism, the Dhampad of Buddhism, the Bible of Christianity and Quoran of Islam. These  scriptures were not written by the religious founders themselves but by their followers. 

In Copper Age, everything is in its "Rajoguni" or the second grade state.  The world population which was very small (900,000) at the start of the Golden Age and increased considerably to twenty million and three hundred and thirty million respectively at the end of Golden and Silver Ages respectively.  In Golden Age, there was only one religion, one kingdom, one ruling dynasty and one language.  Now this unity is broken. 

In Copper and Iron Ages, there are many religions, many kingdoms, many ruling dynasties and many languages.  Harmony of existence is shattered and turns into disharmony.  This leads to mutual strife, disunity and conflicts which later turn into wars. 


Deterioration of the Tree

In the iron age that follows the Copper Age, more branches and twigs appear on the Kalpa Tree. This is mainly because of ego and arrogance where every opinion became a splinter religion.  One notable religion is Sikhism, founded by Nanak and propelled by Gobind Singh.  The existing religions, after passing through their different stages, reach the last stage which is that of utter deterioration and degradation. Consequently, they undergo further divisions.  With growing schism, different sects, sub-sects, societies and ashrams (spiritual communities) multiply almost on a daily basis.  As time passes, everything becomes completely 'Tamoguni' or vicious. It was at this time the five vices over-power mankind and there was utter darkness all around.  People become wicked. Monarchies are over-thrown and people's governments are established.  The status of woman is lowered and they are treated as objects of sex-indulgence and practically constitutionally categorised as "chattels".  Differences of opinion dominate individual families.  Irreligiousness, unrighteousness, injustice, selfishness, adulteration, black marketing, bribery, nepotism take hold of human society.  The law of the jungle prevails. Natural calamities increase.  Disease, premature death, accidents, betrayal, insult, insecurity and other innumerable factors make life miserable.  There is untold human suffering.  The growing schism culminates into civil, regional and world wars.  


The Auspicious Confluence Age 

Towards the very end of Kaliyuga (Iron Age) God Father Shiva lays the foundation of Heaven through Prajapita Brahma as promised in Gita c4v7-8. This small period between the end of Kaliyuga and the beginning of Satyuga (Golden Age) is called the auspicious "Confluence Age".  He incarnates into the body of that very person who was worshipworthy Shri Narayan (Krishna) at the start of Golden Age and who is now in the form of a worshipper or devotee.  God Shiva names him 'Prajapita Brahma' and through him creates Brahmins by imparting to them the Godly knowledge of the Shrimat Bhagavad Gita.  The saying "Aap hi pujya, aap hi pujari" translated as "he himself is both worship worthy and the worshipper" applies to this very soul and not the Supreme Soul. God Shiva, the Supreme Soul is not subjected to the cycle of births and rebirths and is above the bondage of karma and is ever pure and worshipworthy.  In the illustration of the Kalpa Tree, Brahmins are shown sitting in meditation, below the tree trunk and is the foundation of the kalpa tree. Thus, Brahmins are considered the roots of the human world tree. An entire army of non-violent Brahmins is raised by God Shiva to redeem mankind.  In this spiritual salvation army, sisters and mothers are in the majority.  They are known as "Shiva Shaktis".  Those souls, who conquer the five vices fully, constitute the "Vijayanti Mala" or Rosary of victory.  In the Golden Age or "Sangam Yuga" sprouts the sapling of a new civilisation in which mankind enjoys inner and outer harmony, possesses virtues and a moral temper.  It leads to the inauguration of the new world, an era of justice replacing injustice, poverty being replaced by prosperity, health and virtue substituting dissoluteness and vulgarity.  It brings to an end all the conflicts, deprivations, miseries, jealousies and arrogance of Kaliyuga (Iron-age).  


Destruction of all Evil  

This is the time at the end of the Iron Age referred to as the Confluence Age. It is the time for the destruction of all that is evil. The vicious are destroyed by civil wars, natural calamities and nuclear weapons.  The nuclear powers fight among themselves and cause mutual annihilation.  Evil destroys itself.  In the picture of the Kalpa Tree the nuclear superpowers are shown as two wild cats fighting between themselves for world sovereignty.  Soon the fights escalate into an Armageddon or the Mahabharat war which rings their death-knell. 


After Destruction, What?

In the nuclear world war and the accompanying natural calamities, most of humanity perishes. The souls return to Paramdham (The Soul World) after they are punished for their sins by the Supreme Adjudicator also called Dharamraj. The world is never annihilated or completely destroyed.  It continues as the next cycle. Most of the existing land masses of the continents go under water except the original land mass that is called Bharat. After destruction of evil, the golden age or heaven is re-established where purified souls of the true confluence age Brahmins are reborn as Deities of the Golden-age and enjoy a life of peace, happiness and prosperity for the 21 births. Presently, we are in the auspicious Confluence Age that lasts approximately 100 years and which started in 1936.  Most of this period has already passed and very little of it remains now.  The destruction of the Kaliyugi vicious world is well in sight.  So strive now to become a Deity like Shri Lakshmi or Shri Narayan.  Otherwise it will be too late. 


Difference between the Roles of God and Prophet Soul

It will be observed from the explanation of the Kalpa Tree that the roles of God Father Shiva and that of the founders of various religions are totally different from each other. God Shiva is the seed of the Kalpa Tree, the religious preceptors are like its flowers and the remaining souls are like its leaves.  God Shiva is the Supreme Father (Parampita) of all souls.  The various preceptors, on the other hand, are the Divine Fathers (Dharam Pitas) of only the souls of their respective religions.  Thus every soul has three fathers:

  1. Bodily father (Lokik Pita)
  2. Divine father (Dharam Pita) and
  3. God Father (Param Pita). 

As and when the divine fathers descend into this corporeal world as per their part in the World Drama, the souls of their respective religions begin to follow their respective religious founders into this world from Paramdham (the Soul World).  So, in a way, these preceptors are instrumental in bringing the souls down on earth from the Paramdham.  The function of taking back all the souls from the corporeal world (field of action, Karam Kshetra) to the Incorporeal World (Paramdham) is performed by God Shiva at the end of the Kalpa.  Thus, God Shiva alone is the Liberator of all souls.  The divine fathers continue to perform the role of sustaining their religions by taking rebirths.  They do not go back to Paramdham till the end of the World Drama.  The souls of their respective religions also keep on taking rebirths and additional souls also go on descending on the earth.  That is the primary reason why the number of followers of all religions has been increasing continuously.  The religious preceptors are instrumental for multiplicity of religions in this world whereas God Shiva ends all manmade religions and re-establishes the ancient most original Deity Religion which forms the trunk of the Kalpa Tree.  Every divine father has given his own precepts about God and His creation.  There are wide variations in their teachings, as already discussed in Lesson V.  This accounts for a number of religions in the world today and each one of them has its own philosophy.  Evidently, these founders of different religions are not the messengers of God.  If it were so, their message and teachings about God and His creation would have been one and the same.  As already explained, God Shiva Himself descends on earth to reveal the true Godly knowledge.  Preceptors slow down deterioration.  All the human founders of different religions (preceptors) come in this world during Dwapar and Kaliyuga (Copper and Iron Ages) which means the second half of the Kalpa when the world becomes old.  Their role can be compared with that of repairers of a decaying old house.  The house in this case is the world.  As a result of their efforts the pace of deterioration is reduced but the decay continues and a time comes when it becomes unsafe for habitation.  That is the time when God Father Shiva descends to establish the New World and destroy the old one. 


God Shiva alone removes ignorance 

The period during which the founders of different religions descend on earth is also called the 'Night of Brahma'.  The word 'night' here connotes spiritual darkness or ignorance.  During a dark night people use man-made lighting arrangements for carrying on their work, Similarly, during the period of spiritual darkness, they take recourse to man made guidelines provided by the different human preceptors for moral and ethical sustenance.  Just as the artificial lights used vary from an ordinary lamp to a powerful searchlight, so also the spiritual enlightenment provided, varies from common precepts of an ordinary saint to a whole ethical code of a religion.  Again, just as even the most powerful ' man-made light looks dim before the light and might of the sun, in the same way, the human philosophies of even the great human preceptors are a trifle when compared with the knowledge revealed by Almighty God Father Shiva who is also called 'Gyan Surya', the "Sun of Godly knowledge". 


Significance -of 'Shiva Ratri' Just as no amount of artificial lights can change night into day which dawns only with the rising of the sun, similarly the night of ignorance vanishes only when God Father Shiva incarnates on earth.  In India, the festival of 'Shiva Ratri' is celebrated every year to commemorate God Shiva's Divine Incarnation (See illustration: Shiva Ratri-Divine Incarnation of God).  Then the 'Night of Brahma' ends giving place to Satyuga and Tretayuga which is called the 'Day of Brahma'.  During the day, the artificial lights are not needed.  Likewise there are no divine fathers or human preceptors in Satyuga and Treta because none is required.


 Heaven and Hell Heaven and Hell are realities.  They exist on our earth and not in some distant ethereal region above or below the  earth.  God Father Shiva gives visions of Heaven to some souls when they go in trance while practising RajYoga.   That does not mean that Heaven is a world in outer space.  Those who do not understand the nature of such visions  draw wrong conclusions from them. 


God Shiva establishes Heaven and 'Ravana' (Devil or Maya) turns it into  Hell.  Both Heaven and Hell exist on earth.  Who is 'Ravana'? Heaven is the Golden and Silver aged world of purity, perfection, happiness and bliss established by God Shiva.  Some people have very wrong ideas about Heaven.  They think that it is a world where wine flows like water and women are freely available for sex indulgence.  All this is the picture created by their own perverted imagination.  In reality purity is the foundation stone of Heaven.  The vices like sex-lust do not exist there.  Hell is the vicious word of Ravana.  Ravana is not a historical character, as believed by some people.  He is an imaginary figure with ten heads.  The word Ravana means: 'that who makes one weep'.  All sufferings which make one weep have their origin in five vices of man and five vices of woman.  Ravana is also called Devil, Satan or Maya (nescience).  In Hell, where Ravana reigns supreme, souls are ridden by vices and are known as 'Asuras'.  Vices make life peaceless and miserable.  In India, people burn effigies of Ravana every year when they celebrate 'Dussehra' festival, but they do not give up the vices which Ravana symbolises. 


Rebirth in Heaven? When a person dies it is often said that the soul has departed for Heaven.  No soul that leaves the body in Hell is reborn in Heaven. Heaven and Hell do not co-exist.  One follows the other in a cyclic order.  If today, a person is said to have gone to Heaven after death it only proves that we are living in Hell and the departed soul was also in Hell.  If he were to really go to Heaven, there would be no reason to weep and mourn at the soul's departure for a better place. 


Prerequisite for Heaven-Purity  No one can go to Heaven without qualifying for it by leading -a practical virtuous life based on the principles of  Godly knowledge as revealed by God Shiva.  This is possible only during the Confluence Age when God Shiva incarnates, establishes the New World order and gets the Old World order destroyed. 


Not a single soul has gone to   Heaven since the beginning of THE Copper Age.  All the souls who have descended from Paramdham (Soul World) have been taking rebirth and are presently here in  the Corporeal World.  The gates of Heaven will open after the forth coming destruction of the old world. The time  for going to Heaven is drawing near.  Only the purified souls will take rebirth in Heaven and all others will rest in  Paramdham and will descend again in the corporeal world in a definite time sequence in the next cycle of the World  Drama.  Maya stands for body-consciousness which gives birth to the five vices.  The vices manifest themselves in one way or the other in the form of personal weaknesses.  Maya is another word for human weaknesses, failings and shortcomings.  Ravana, Devil and Satan are synonyms of Maya.  Maya takes many subtle forms.  Good yoga practice is necessary to detect it in all its guises.


Om Shanti

By: B.K. Khem Jokhoo
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