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Comment by Kernel John on November 18, 2011 at 3:52pm

Comment by doug on November 22, 2011 at 4:11am

Sounds very nice and appealing, but I view this video largely as a pile of error, lie, and deception...and comes far short of what it promises, ie. to purify the soul.    

Comment by Kernel John on November 22, 2011 at 1:57pm

When I ask myself if Jesus Himself were to view these materials what would he see as a pile of erroneous lies and deception I think he would find nothing to object to.  What specifically is your criticism doug.  Anything in particular or just a general feeling you have?

Comment by Robert DeFord on November 24, 2011 at 8:51am

the ghostly voice gave himself away,,he had the itch to tell the "truth" to the naive suck....seekers..who long for a comfortable playpen here on earth .  the pablum he dispensed was accentuated as he reached his droning narrative climax  by the dead giveaway "The New Word   The New World Order was dreamed up by Hitler to redefine the "Holy"Roman Empire" framework as an iron clad gated community for this seriously crowded and troubled (ignorant,  Jesus deprived), penal colony.

That illbegottnen NWO is about to open its yaws (jaws) to swallow up the yahoos that want  it slap happy happy platititudes for breakfast each day.  This long awaited "Pair of dice" for earth is coming soon to the theater of the mind and will be officiated and initiated by the AntiChrist himself..and his vast array of magic tricks bordering on  ?miracles".      Stay tuned.....


Comment by doug on November 25, 2011 at 1:42am

Basically my criticism is that it can not deliver what is claims.  It cannot purify the soul.  Only one thing can purify the in the finished work of Jesus Christ...everything else falls woefully short.  As much as someone would like to believe that things spoken about here in this video can purify the soul...the truth is that they can not.  It is not much different than the Hindus who believe that washing or dipping into the Ganges River will cleanse them of sin.  The Ganges River does nothing of the sort...never has, and never will.     

Comment by doug on November 25, 2011 at 1:45am

You can not just "ask yourself what Jesus would say about this video", but rather it must be lined up with Jesus's words in the Bible...and it does not line up in the least.

Comment by Kernel John on November 25, 2011 at 10:55am

doug, thanks for the specifics of your criticism of information presented in this video.  

As you can see, the video is pretty straightforward and not complex.  It essentially says:

  1. According to God, before we try to understand understand Him, we should understand who/what we are - the self.
  2. With this of self/soul, one can better understand the form, nature and address of God.  
  3. Our original home is not this physical plane or earth but rather a place, beyond physical matter, that can be called the soul world.  It is here that Father-God resides always.
  4. Like the human soul, God is also a very subtle (infinitesimal) point (particle) of light/energy.  Dispite being so small, God is the ocean of knowledge and virtues.  God is the embodiment of all powers beyond the cycle of life and death and so ever-pure. We are His dear children. 
  5. Human souls incarnate into the eternal drama of life - physical reality.  This human drama takes on 4 distinct periods of equal portion and confluence period which transitions the last period (of maximum impurity) back into the first (of total purity).  We exist in an eternal cyclic drama of time/space. 
  6. "Whenever there is abuse of religion and increase in irreligiousness and unrighteousness - then, to re-establish the right religion, and a new world order, I (God) reincarnate on this earth."  (doug - These words were written centuries ago and remembered from a time before that.  This is not news.  You might call it non-biblical prophecy of this current period called Sangumyug or Confluence or Iron Age with Golden Age). 
  7. By entering the physical medium of Prajapita Brahma, God has come to purify souls by teaching godly knowledge and easy raja yoga.

doug, you say that godly knowledge and easy raja yoga (as taught through the vocal apparatus of Prajapita Brahma) is akin to Hindus who attempt to purify themselves by bathing in the Ganges.  I am not a Hindu nor do I bath in the Ganges so I do not criticize the practices of you or others.  I can say that if one can attain salvation through medium of Jesus then I am certain, through my own experience, that one can attain purification (salvation) through direct communion with the One Father God you call YHWH or Yahweh or Jehovah.  This is done, just as the video says, through godly knowledge and the practice of raja yoga.  Do you know what is raja yoga?

doug, you are an eternal soul - right?  As such, when you clear your brain of day-to-day noise and clutter to achieve a peaceful state, it may be possible for you to centre your attention to the forehead between the eyes and achieve a state of raja yoga meditation.  This is easy yoga. 

The students who created the video posted it in 2 installments.  The first provides some godly knowledge the second provides a brief introduction to raja yoga.  You can see why it is called easy.  Remember, bring your focus of attention to the centre of the forehead and know that you are a soul and God is your Father .  There is no other before Him. 

Comment by Kernel John on November 25, 2011 at 11:10am

doug, you suggest one cannot ask what Jesus Christ would say (or do) about a circumstance or situation.  I think many Christians around the world do this regularly.  I think many Christians measure themselves with Jesus as their standard - so it would seem natural for people to ask, "What would He do or say in this circumstance?" 

Of course one can always find scripture to support any situation but unless we interpret scripture as Jesus himself would, what good is it.  Scripture says many different things about many different things.  Often Christians themselves do not agree on how or what scripture can be used in a single situation. 

Are you certain that Christians cannot ask themselves how or what Jesus would say or do in a given situation?  I might suggest that is it the very lack of such probings these days that leads many to follow their own path and therefore go astray.

Comment by Kernel John on November 25, 2011 at 1:20pm

Hi Robert,
I sure I'm not the first to say you're full of the Blarney.

Why such absence of plain speak. . . ?

Must you speak in code so only others like yourself can understand what you are really trying to say? 

The problem with your coded approach, as with the approaches of others like you, is that as your grand messages can be decoded by only a few, this means what you are trying to say does not impact on many.  This is why the impact of those who today speak in coded messages is so minor.  Your numbers are not increasing in this day of information, transparency and revelation. 

The video is essentially presented in plain-speak - a little over dramatic at times, perhaps, but not unnecessarily complex to understand.  Anyone can understand its main meaning.  The meaning of your message above is intentionally made obscure - presumably because it allows clan members to grasp segments of meaning to hold on to.

Come on Robert.  Was, as you suggest, The New World Order dreamed up by Hitler to redefine the (Holy) Roman Empire?  Even I understood that Jesus came to redefine a new world order and did so by parading into Jerusalem on a freakin' donkey during the days running up to Passover - while, at the same time, Caesar (the one who called himself the Son of God) entered the temple city in a regal procession.  Jesus came as the Messiah to establish a new order - one where the Empire did not dominate the Priestly Class and the Priestly Class ceased to dominate the people.  He came to serve not to be served.  Today, does The Empire serve its people or simply the few? 

The New World Order or the 1000 years or the Golden Age or "Pair of dice" or whatever you wish to call it is not obliged to manifest according to our puny understanding.  It is already written, Robert.  It is now happening.  The lock is already locked.  For some, the time has already begun.

The video is pretty explicit when God says, we make a mistake when we search for Him with little or no understanding of the self.  Is it possible to know God without first knowing what is Self?  Robert, what is self/soul.  What do your divine teachings tell you?  We're listening.

I must warn you that the priestly class does not tell us we can commune with God directly.  This class has a history of telling us that we must go through something (idols, saviors, gods, initiations, rituals, trances, etc . . .) to get to God.  The priestly class requires that we ask and understand from them what we must go through to commune with our Father.  Suppose our understanding is about to change? 

The teachings that emerged through the vocal apparatus of Prajapita Brahma represent a radically different on this point.  God tells us we do not need to go through anyone or anything to get to him.  We can commune directly.  Link our mind with his mind - directly.  This is Easy Raja Yoga Meditation.

Now what's your point? 

Comment by doug on November 26, 2011 at 1:28pm


Thank you for your reply.  I will try to respond in like kind.  I said that people can (you or anyone else) cannot ask themselves what Jesus would say or do, simply because the "self" is sinful and deceptive.  We must go to the Bible and SEE what Jesus would do or say...and of course this involves the risk of interpretting what we read through our own perpective, rather than God's.  Which is why there are so many "factions" of Christianity.

Next...we are NOT all children of God.  we may have started out like that, but as we are all sinners, we are no longer children of God...though we do have that option of regaining that simply accepting Jesus as our Lord and saviour, so that we are looked upon as sinless (Romans 4.8...the sins are no longer imputed to our account).  

Basically it simply is not true that one can attain salvation "through godly knowledge or raja yoga"...that is the main deception...I am sorry to say.  That is a statement of error.  I am not criticizing Hindus who bathe in the Ganges for purification...but I am saying that such a ritual does nothing for one's soul.  Those people have been taught a lie, or an untruth (that does not sound as harsh).  Many people the world over indulge in traditions that have been handed down or taught, that simply do not accomplish what people have believed.  And it matters not how much they believe something...if it is wrong, it is wrong.  Again, it boils down to what Jesus said...that he was the ONLY way to God.  People can descry that statement, or deny it, but that does not change the truth of the statement, not can one say that Jesus only came for the Western civilization or something similar...Jesus came for the whole world, but most of the world have decided to turn elsewhere or devise their own means of purification or reaching God...and that just won't cut it...or otherwise Jesus was lying.    He was either 100% correct or else he was nothing.  And I know that is a hard thing to accept.




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